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FDC Series - Computerized Double Jacquard Knitting Machine

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Zhangzhou Kaixing Machine Co., LTD. specializes in the designing and manufacturing of circular knitting machines which frist listed on the stock market in this industry in china. The stock code is 08506.HK. It is located near the Zhangzhou China Merchants Economic and Technological Development Zone on the southern Xiamen Bay.

FDC Series – Computerized Double Jacquard Knitting Machine


The machine uses computerized selectors to select needles in the cylinder with the 2-way or 3-way technique of knit, tuck and miss, which can produce fabric with different patterns without limitation. Any intricate pattern of fabric can be converted via computerized pattern preparation system into the special control command which instructs selectors to make jacquard fabric.


The control system is designed to install the electronic computer processing system and computerized selectors together in the machine with the most advanced micro-processing technology. The precise encoder can accurately calculate the needle position and zero-point calibration to ensure the stability of needle selection system. The machine adopts touch LCD display screens to simply the operation, save space and keep itself clean and tidy.


No specific software’s are needed for graphics but common ones. Any cloth cover or pattern can be scanned into or programs by WAC Designer, put into USB and run on the machine.

Specifications FDC Series – Computerized Double Jacquard Knitting Machine


FDC Series – Computerized Double Jacquard Knitting Machine


18″ ~ 42″


7G ~ 32G


34F ~ 84F
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