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GG2088-P-C Double System Series

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Changshu Guoguang Machinery CO., Ltd. founded in 1979, is alarge backbone enterprise, specialized in the manufacture of the flat knitting machines. It joined in the drawing up of some textile industrial standards of the People’s Republic of china, such as “Flat knitting machine-Glossary” and so on.

GG2088-P-C Double System Series

Presser foot technology

By installing the presser foot devise on the computerized flat Knitting Machine with tooth slot sinker, and according to the characteristics of the knitting fabric, application of pressing the loops is conducive to the perfection of the fabric and the increase of knitting speed.

GG2088-P-C Double System Series

Main Features :

Pile is thick, having strong three-dimensional sense, good at keeping warm.


By pressing knitting loops with presser foot


  • the problems such as looser knitting density, higher edge needle, difficult loop knock-over during needle closing and widening are solved.
  • the problem of easy spitting out of the multi-yarn tucking loop in the needle hook is solved.
  • the problem such as plush sticking to suck and twine in the tooth slot and sinker are solved.
  • loop initiation yarn can be saved during starting and fast widening.
  • three dimensional knitting is possible, can reduce handmade sewing.
  • pile loop knitting for special wool yarn is possible.
  • the speed of pattern knitting can be improved.
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