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Since its founding in 1883, BOUVEUR has been a leader of the industry in France for providing quality shearing machine blades.The experience gained over the years of research has allowed us to create textiles mower blades of exceptional quality.

Ladger Blades

Different types of BOUVEUR ledger blades

The quality of Bouveur ledger blades is of great reputation. The steels we use are sourced in close collaboration with some of the biggest steel manufacturers in the world. Our steels, alloyed with other metals to varying degrees, achieve the highest levels of performance, shearing quality and longevity.

Our unique in the world production technique is the result of many developments conducted by our Research & Development department for many years and continuously.

Their lifespan is 2 times higher than that currently encountered on the market. Their quality makes them today the best product in the world in terms of technicality. Today our ledger blades are extremely successful both in quality and in their three-dimensional stability for over 10 years.

Bouveur offers various types of ledger blade steels: B2 / B4 / B9

Heat Treatment

The heat treatment performed on our ledger blades positions them on the leader’s rank with the highest hardness which is on average 64/65 HRC on the cutting part.

The ledger blade is tempered specially to let it keep its flexibility necessary for the good work of the ledger blades.

This unique technique allows us to combine hardness on the cutting edge and flexibility on the heel to take only the benefits of the very high hardness without any risks of breakage in the image of oak and reed.

The very high hardness of our blades gives them a very high resistance to wear. It allows them to be used even longer between each grinding/sharpening and always with the same shearing precision. It reduces the number of production stops to optimize your production.


Bouveur offers all types of ledger blades for all makes of shearing machines around the world, with or without holes.

– Lengths: from 100 mm to 6,500 mm
– Widths: from 50 mm to 160 mm
– Thicknesses: from 2.5 to 6 mm

We can realize all types of holes: Round – Long – Open and all other shapes on request.

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