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LMV325A Rope Washing Machine

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JIANG SU Yingyou Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise, we are engaging in production textile finishing machinery for more than 40 years, own a powerful technicians’ team and advanced producing ability.

LMV325A Rope Washing Machine

  • Auto-Magnetic Rope washing machine are widely used for fabric washing after dyeing or printing and drying process,such as coral fleece ,polar fleece,cotton knitted fabric,syntgetic fabric and other thin pile fabrics

Technical Parameters

  • Working width : Open width washing tank2600mm
  • Rope washing tank : 2100mm
  • Max working speed : 85m/min
  • Padder roller diameter : roller of open washing tank Φ300mm
  • Roller of rope washing tank : Φ245mm
  • Motor power : 73kw

Machine advantage:

  • PLC touch screen control,easy operation,stable and reliable performance.
  • Automatic detection and adjustment of cloth volume and cloth speed at various points to reduce labir intensity.
  • Speed and effiency increased by 60% compared with the previous rope washing machine.
  • Simple equipment structure and easy to maintain.


Open width to center feed -> open washing with three normal temperature tank (prewash,floating color,and removing debris) ->cloth storage and soaking tank(soak fully)->rope washing with three high temperature tank( Add safe powder, strong wash and fix color)-> rope washing with two normal temperature tank (rinse thoroughly with clean water)->rope washing with two assiatant tank( add softener)->rope washing with cloth out.

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