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Combined Polish-Shearing Machine


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JIANG SU Yingyou Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise, we are engaging in production textile finishing machinery for more than 40 years, own a powerful technicians’ team and advanced producing ability.

MB322C/S Combined Polish-Shearing Machine

Technical Parameters

  • Machine width : 2000mm 2200mm 2800mm
  • Working speed : 25m/min.
  • Diameter of shearing cylinder : 155mm (900rpm) | 185mm (700 rpm)Optional
  • Grinder Speed : 500rpm
  • Number of shears : 18pcs 24pcs (spin to right)
  • Diameter of polishing roller (steel) : 320mm
  • Rotary Speed : 650rpm
  • Heating Power : 49.2kW (2000mm) 52.2kW(2200mm) 57.45kW(2500mm)
  • Felt wrap angle : a=0° ~ 55°
  • Diameter of driving roller : 220mm
  • Diameter of guiding roller : 104mm
  • Motor Power : 24.93kW(2000mm 2200mm) 26.93kW(2500mm)
  • Weight : 550kg
  • Overall dimensions (length*Width*height):
    3780*4500*3400(working width 2000mm)
    3780*4700*3400(working width 2200mm)
    3780*5000*3400(working width 2500mm)


  1. Height position of the shear cylinder and shearing support can easily touched for operator.
  2. Some critical parts are lower height so to achieve whole machine running stable.
  3. Height of shearing can set in touch screen, high efficiency suction remove away waste piles immediately, 370mm polishing roller and its auto adjusting of polishing pressure, all these meet the requirement to produce higher quality fabrics.
  4. Equipped with auto-aligning device, metal detector and pre-expanding device, ensure fabric feeding smooth and stable.
  5. Whole machine performance are perfected by equipping the quick disassembly device of shear- pressure and slide-round shaft block, and high efficiency vortex suction of polishing roller.

Suitable for polishing and shearing of polyester blanket, acrylic blanket, fake fur, fleece, woolen and short warp knitting fabrics. Fabrics will be more smooth and plufy, shining and soft.

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