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Inverter Control Gear Type Raising Machine


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JIANG SU Yingyou Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise, we are engaging in production textile finishing machinery for more than 40 years, own a powerful technicians’ team and advanced producing ability.

MB335B Inverter Control Gear Type Raising Machine

It’s mainly used on raising for cotton, wool, chemical fiber and blended fabrics as well as suitable for mercerzing fleece, loop terry, stretch fabrics and etc.

Technical Parameters

  • Raising roller width : 200mm 2200mm
  • Working speed : 14.65 ~ 39.74m/min(50Hz)
  • Rotary speed of cylinder : 100rpm
  • Diameter of raising roller (bare) : 60mm 62mm
  • Total power : 11kw (main moter)
    1.5Kw (expanding moter)
    5.5Kw (suction fan, optional)
  • Overall Dimensions (length*width*height)


  • This is the classical raising machine with gear driving transmission, speeds of fabric feeding, straight fillet and angle fillet are more stable, It is uniform raising tension and easy to operate.
  • General electrical system with less failure, easy to maintenance
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