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JIANG SU Yingyou Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise, we are engaging in production textile finishing machinery for more than 40 years, own a powerful technicians’ team and advanced producing ability.

MB342E Sueding Machine

We produce 3 types sueding machine, they are 6-roller sueding machine, 8-roller single side sueding machine and 8-roller double sides sueding machin. They adops automatic tension sensor to achive the feedback function, use closed-loop control to achieve constant tension sueding, make the haie surface effect uniformity.

  • MB342E sueding machine is suitable for woven and knitting fabric which need to cut fiber and with dendity long plle, such as polyester, cotton and fixed fabric, milk fiber, sueding fabric and jean fabric.
  • Performance feature: sueding roller are all tested by dynamic balancing machine.
  • It can freely comine emerying roller and carbon fiber roller.
  • Automatic control of fabric tension, coating curvature can be adjusted, displayed on touch screen.

This machine is used for shearing warp knitting short velvet, wool spinning fabric, woolen fabric etc. After shearing, fabric will be smoother.

Technical Parameters

  • Machine width: 2000mm 2200mm 2500mm
  • Working speed: 24m/min(50H2)
  • Diameter of shearing cylinder: 155mm
  • Rotary speed of shearing cylinder: 900rmp,1Bpcs splrals
  • Grinding speed: 300rpm (spin to right)
  • Down expanding roller: 1pcs Dia:76mm (Rotary speed :215rpm)
  • Dia of driving roller:  169mm, Ratio of front driving roller and
    rear driving roller:1.1 (inverter adjusted)
  • Total motor power : 13.91 kW(2000mm 2200mm)
  • Overrall dimensions (length *width*height):
    3780*4250*3400(working width2000mm)
    3780*4450″3400(working width2200mm)
    3780*4750″3400(working width2500mm)
  • Voltage: 380V
  • Frenquency: 50Hz
  • Weight: 3 tons


  1. Front driving and rear driving is by worm gear driving,tension adjusting is more convenient.(worm gear reducer has self-locking function)
  2. Adopt tigering device for front and back side of fabric.
  3. Adopt air cylinder to modify motor.
  4. Automatic oiling-filling device(optional)
  5. Adopt centering and expanding device(optional)
  6. Seam detector alarming device
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