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Computerized Jacquard Flat Knitting Machine


Suitable for raising of blankets,woolen fabrics, knitted fabrics,woven fabrics and etc.

Technical Parameters:
Working width : 2000mm 2200mm 2500mm 2800mm
Number of raising roller : 24,36 Diameter:φ70mm φ80mm
The diameter of cylinder : φ850mm φ1120mm
Working speed :5-30m/min
The rotatonal speed of cylinder : 60-90rpm
Total motor power : 35KW

Overall dimensions (length*width*height)
4000*4000*3045 (working width:2000mm)
4200*4000*3045 (working width:2200mm)
4500*4000*3045 (working with:2500mm)
4800*4000*3045 (working width:2800mm)

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